What to Buy in goldfish market

All types of shops exist on Goldfish Market, many specialize in just one type of product such as Goldfish, Koi or seawater Marine shops.  Some sell only accessories or focus exclusively on tank decorations. Aquatic plants and different types of seaweeds now also have their own dedicated vendors due to the recent growth of interest in tank dressing. Aquascaping is now very advanced in Hong Kong with Amano-type aquariums just one of the types in fashion.

Amount all this glory to see of course the shops are commercial organizations, though many of the owners are of course enthusiasts themselves they have rents to pay and are keen to make a sale.

So please remember that our market is a commercial district, not a tourist attraction, though we do acknowledge that many people come to view and understand it is purchases that make the shops survive.


Of course the majority of purchases in Goldfish Market are going to be fish of one sort.  As a visitor to Hong Kong of course you won't be purchasing fish to take live back to your home.


On the other hand decorative plants such as seaweed which aquarists are very interested in are also very widely available in Goldfish Market, and these are very transportable.


The most common purchases for tourists are of course the various accessories for tanks such as decorations, filters, thermometers


Goldfish market
Everything the aquarist would want to see. A free Seaworld and Aquarium in the street!  The North end of Tong Choi Street, a world of water and fins as well as tanks and fish food.

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