How to get to goldfish market

Tung Choi Street North, Goldfish Street or Goldfish Market, is located in Mongkok, one of the districts of Kowloon.

It is easily reached by public transport from anywhere in Hong Kong via the excellent public transport system of Hong Kong.  Taxis and the underground railway system called the MTR are the best ways to reach it.  Public buses are also an option.

Goldfish Market from Nathan Road

Many visitors to Hong Kong are staying in the hotels on Nathan Road, the Golden Mile which is the main tourist district of Kowloon.  From Nathan Road to Tung Choi Street is a simple trip, one that could even be walked if you had plenty of time. The distance is only about 3km and would take less than an hour to walk.


Simply start walking north along Nathan Road and enjoy the many interesting sights of the centre of busy Hong Kong city.

After about half an hour you will be in Mong Kok and should look for the street called Dundas Street where you turn right, towards the east, and then turn left, north again at the first turning onto Sai Yeung Choi which is also a busy interesting shopping street.

Alternatively, if you have more time, take the second turning instead of the first from Dundas which takes you into the southern portion of Tung Choi Street, which is home to the Ladies Market.

Either way, walk northward until you have to cross Mong Kok Road by using the pedestrian foot bridge outside the Trade and Industry Tower, a government department building.  Go up the steps onto the bridge, and turn right on the bridge, then left, following the signs that take you down from the bridge onto Tung Choi Street.

The Goldfish Market starts just a few shops along the road after you leave the bridge.


Take the MTR Tsuen Wan Line towards Tsuen Wan and exit at the Mongkok MTR station, using Exit B3.  You are then just beside the entrance to the pedestrian bridge as described above.

Goldfish Market from Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island is one of the most popular parts of Hong Kong for tourists, both as a location for staying in one of the many hotels, or for shopping and night life.

To reach the Goldfish Market from Causeway Bay there are two major choices


Bus number 112, operated by NWFB and CityBus, runs from Causeway Bay all the way to Mongkok.

Catch the bus either at Yee Wo Street, near the Jardines Bazaar shopping lane, or at Canal Road West, near Times Square.

It is only 6 stops until Bute Street where you can alight at the Nathan Road/Bute Street stop.  Walk backwards along the road the way the bus came to the junction with Mongkok Road.

There you can cross the road and go up onto the pedestrian foot bridge.  Take the steps up and then walk along the bridge in the same direction, continue as for the footbridge instructions above.


Take the MTR Island Line towards Sheung Wan and change trains at Admiralty onto the MTR Tsuen Wan Line towards Tsuen Wan and follow the instructions above for MTR

Goldfish Market from the Airport

The A21 Airport Express Cityflyer bus can take you directly from the airport all the way to the Argyle Centre, Nathan Road bus stop.

From there walk northwards and follow the instructions as for walking.


Goldfish market
Everything the aquarist would want to see. A free Seaworld and Aquarium in the street!  The North end of Tong Choi Street, a world of water and fins as well as tanks and fish food.

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