Opening Hours of goldfish market

Most shops in the Goldfish Market area of Tong Choi Street, Mongkok, open in the mid morning time, around 10:00 or 10:30am.  The street itself is quite quiet at this time as most visitors do not arrive until later.

Like many shops in Hong Kong those in the Goldfish Market selling to aquarists are open until quite late, at least 8PM and may shops don't close until 10:00PM.

Many regular visitors to the street prefer to visit in the evening when it is dark as the light effects in the display tanks are often very impressive.

Have jetlag at 4AM?

Then consider visiting the nearby Boundary Street night market for wholesale ornamental fish.  It's open from 4am to sunrise on Boundary Street next to the Mongkok Stadium.  Be sure to take an electric torch as it will be dark.


Goldfish market
Everything the aquarist would want to see. A free Seaworld and Aquarium in the street!  The North end of Tong Choi Street, a world of water and fins as well as tanks and fish food.

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